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Selected fields in Factiva:

Accession Number (AN)
Author (BY)
Captions, description of graphics (ART)
Column (CLM)
Company Code:Name (CO)
Contact (CT)
Copyright (CY)
Correction (CX)
Credit (CR)
Dow Jones Codes (DJIC)
Dow Jones Descriptors (DJID)
Edition (ED)
Headline (HD)
Industry Code:Descriptor (IN)
Information Provider Codes (IPC)
Information Provider Descriptors (IPD)
Language (LA)
Lead Paragraph (LP)
Page (PG)
Publication Date (PD)
Publication Time (ET)
Publisher Name (PUB)
Reference (RF)
Region Code:Descriptor (RE)
Reuters Codes (RBBCM)
Section (SE)
Source Code (SC)
Source Group Code (GC)
Source Group Name (NGC)
Source Name (SN)
Subject Code:Descriptor (NS)
Text following lead paragraphs (TD)
Volume (VOL)
Word Count (WC)


Enter SC=CMTG to search the journal, Commercial Mortgage Alert, by its source code.

Enter SN=Commercial Mortagage Alert to search the journal by its name.

Enter WC>1000 to retrieve articles of more than 1000 words.

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